Los Discorde’s “El Mar” Praises Those Who Bring Us Tranquility

Los Discorde has recently been signed to Latin Alternative/Indie label My Grito Industries. The band, who are from Mexico, have released new track “El Mar”, along with a new music video. The song is part of their upcoming EP from My Grito.

Los Discorde says:

“El Mar” is a simple and constant reminder to enjoy ourselves and enjoy others whenever possible. The feeling of being with someone where calm is the most latent, like the Sea, is a total experience because you forget about time and focus on being.

Formed in 2012, Los Discorde is originally from the State of Mexico (Ixtapaluca). Featuring a Rock/Funk sound, the band is comprised of Dante Alejandre (vocalist and guitarist), Gibran Perez(drums), Ricardo Vázquez (Synth and vocals). The trio have a goal to create “art that is both energetic and thought-provoking.”

In their live shows, the band hopes to conveys “a sense of freedom, energy, and love.” They want their audience to feel “the same joy and excitement” that they feel when they play music. The band’s goal is to “create an atmosphere of creative freedom, where anything is possible.”

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