Telly’s “Blink” Resists FOMO And Digital Overload

[Cover photo credit to Jenny Alice Watts]

Electronic Synth-Pop band Telly have shared their newest track, “Blink.” It’s a song that addresses an all-too-relatable sense of digital overload in our lives.

The duo introduce the new track:

BLINK is a tongue-in-cheek response to relentless digital overload and an ever-looming sense of FOMO. It’s an energetic pop track that utilizes elements of distortion and synthetic elements to amplify the message. We want the song to feel like you’re tripping over yourself to avoid feeling any kind of FOMO, and failing.

Telly is a digital media project designed to move the emotions. With roots in Shoegaze, Dream Pop, and Electronic/Dance-Pop, Telly aims to create something “dreamy yet danceable.”

Telly is Ashley Claude (she/her) on vocals and Production, Max Solomon (he/him) on guitar, synths, sfx, and Production.

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