Nytt Land’s ‘Torem’ Celebrates Ancestral Skies

[Cover photo credit to Olga Gellert]

Formed by shamanic couple Natasha “Baba Yaga” and Anatoly Pakhalenko in 2013, Nytt Land is a Dark Folk project who will be releasing their ninth album this Fall, on October 6, 2023. The Siberian duo’s new album Torem, will arrive via Napalm Records.

Torem invites listeners into “a mystic world of ancient percussive instrumentation” and is part of the band’s new trilogy, “dedicated to the three worlds” in the cosmology of their homeland. Torem was Produced, recorded and mixed by Nytt Land, with mastering by Anatoly Pakhalenko.

Torem is sung in old languages including Khanty (from a Siberian Native Tribe) and Old Norse (also known as Old Icelandic), and its title, in the Finno-Ugric languages of the indigenous peoples of Siberia, means “Great Sky”. This is the Great Sky on which “ancestors sit, and where the souls of people and animals are reborn in the form of birds. This is also the place where a shaman makes his first journey to learn the wisdom of the Great Spirit.”

Nytt Land has released the album’s first single, a song that according to the band, “is about the cycle of life, death and rebirth,” titled “Nord”.

As the band states:

In the smoke of the funeral pyres, the immortal spirit ascends to the Great Sky. In the burning fire he finds his new birth.

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