Crypta’s ‘Shades Of Sorrow’ Is A Descent Into The Psyche

[Cover photo credit to Estevam Romera]

Brazilian Death Metal unit Crypta are preparing to release their second album, Shades of Sorrow, this Friday, August 4, 2023, by unleashing another new single, “The Other Side of Anger”.

Formed in 2019 by former Nervosa members Luana Dametto (drums) and Fernanda Lira (vocals), and now featuring guitarists Tainá Bergamaschi and Jessica di Falchi, Crypta blends classic and modern Death Metal with extreme and Black Metal elements on Shades of Sorrow.

The new single comes with a studio video. The band have already performed at Wacken Open Air among other festivals, and will add another career highlight when supporting Ghost at two shows later this year.

Fernanda Lira says about “The Other Side of Anger”:         

With the third single we wanted to show one more side of the album! ‘Lord of Ruins’ brought the melodies that permeate the whole record, ‘Trial of Traitors’ has the aggressiveness and a fast pace and with ‘The Other Side of Anger’, we wanted to show the more gloomy, slow paced side of the record!

Shades of Sorrow was recorded at Family Mob Studio, mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at 33 Stockholm, Sweden and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studio.
Fernanda Lira says about Shades of Sorrow:

Shades of Sorrow is a semi-concept album which describes a journey through the depths of our psyche when facing tough battles. It’s a trip to the many shades of pain we sometimes have to face while enduring our lives’ challenges. The songs are the perfect gloomy, dark, emotional soundtrack for this journey.

27.08.23 SI – Tolmin / Tolminator Metal Fest
29.07.23 CH – Aarburg / Musigburg
30.07.23 IT – Padova / Padova / Metal Fest
CRYPTA opening for Ghost:
20.09.2023 BR – São Paulo / Espaço Unimed
21.09.2023 BR – São Paulo / Espaço Unimed

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