Natalie Price’s “Superstitious” Tackles At Least One Source Of Anxiety In Our Lives

[Cover photo credit to Betsy Youree]

Natalie Price describes her music as “Ameri-kinda”, a combination of smooth vocals with plenty of “quirkiness” woven into her lyrics. On her self-titled album Natalie Price out September 29, 2023, she explores “complex emotions and experiences through relatable, confessional tales”. Her single “Superstitious” is out now and focuses on a common cause of “unease”, one’s phone.

Price says:

I never anticipated writing a song about my relationship with my phone, but that is essentially what it is. It’s the irony of how technology designed to make our lives easier often brings a lot of anxiety. 

The song follows the release of Price’s first single, “Done,” featuring Stephanie Lambring.

Produced by Mary Bragg, Price’s self-titled full-length debut also features Austin-based singer-songwriter David Ramirez and Lang Freeman (Sounds Under Radio) The album was written during the height of the pandemic, with Price cooped up in her room, but the recording process was laid back and gave her “all the permission she needed to feel emotionally open.” 

Price concludes about the album:

I believe we’re all longing for connection. Honesty and vulnerability are the scariest first step in building bridges between us in the human existence— but no one wants to go first. That’s what I’ve attempted to do in this album – offer an honest look at some experiences in my life, including the shadows, in the hopes that listeners will begin to do the same in theirs.

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