“Dismantle” From Nature Loves Courage Encourages Constructive Criticism In Relationships

Electronic Rock band Nature Loves Courage have shared their new single, “Dismantle”, a track is a dance inspired Electronic-Funk piece about “checking those you love, allowing them to see themselves more clearly.” The single is a preview of the band’s upcoming EP.

The single further explores the concept of “breaking a partner down in a way that promotes constructive criticism.”

When discussing tracks on the forthcoming EP, McKenna Rowe of Nature Loves Courage writes:

One thing I really enjoy is the challenge of putting instruments like piano, harp and strings at the forefront of a song as the “ethereal leads” and finding a way that I can support them with bass grooves and beats that serve more as the “muscle”. Swirling around in there are also very electronic synths and arpeggiated things. I like a dense, exciting, dynamic sound that takes some time to get right in the studio and is definitely challenging to get right in a live setting.

Much of the songwriting process on the EP came to life in McKenna Rowe’s basement, with the remaining members of the band recording afterwards. For the upcoming EP, the band recorded their parts with engineer Erik Sonderlon. Final versions were mastered with Maor Appelbaum in June of 2023.

Out later this Fall, the new EP from Nature Loves Courage continues to lean into an Electronic-Rock sound, with themes that explore “the complexity of human relationships: to a partner, to art, to the world at large.”

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