Watch Ghost Hounds’ Wild-West Set Video For “Last Train To Nowhere”

[Cover photo credit to Jay Arcansalin]

Ghost Hounds have released their Blues-Rock-fueled album First Last Time via Gibson Records. The 10-track album features singles Last Train To Nowhere,” “Make It Shake,” and Dirty Angel.” The band has also released a music video for “Last Train To Nowhere”.

Inspired by old Western cinema, the new album follows a “central character struggling to find his place in the world. He’s spent the last several decades wandering aimlessly through life with no family, no meaningful connections, no real purpose. Now, he finds himself at a crossroads, where he must make the arduous choice to either stake out a new path or resign himself to the empty life set out before him.”

On creating the album, Ghost Hound explains:

As a band, it was kind of amazing how dialed in we were recording ‘First Last Time.’ Thomas writes the songs and really leans on his ability to create characters and narratives in his head, then he tells that person’s story through song. Sometimes, when recording, he’d bring in ideas and we sat with them for a while, like ‘Last Train To Nowhere.’ We spent quite a bit of time on that one to convey the emotion and story just right because it felt special. Others that we’re excited for you to hear really came together in a fun and collaborative way, like ‘Dirty Angel’ and ‘Let’s Sleep on it Together.’ They’ve got distinct vibes that showcase the variety of our sound. We’re extremely proud of this record.

The first track on the album, “Last Train To Nowhere,” shows the moment where the central character “realizes he’s at a dead end and begins to grapple with the emotions that come along with that.” The video, starring the band’s lead vocalist Tré Nation and directed by Jay Arcansalin, highlights the character’s psychological state, transporting him to the wild west “where he’s confronted with some of his usual vices and a harrowing surprise.”

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