Old Man Canyon Reminds That We’re All Human With “Never Apart”

[Cover photo credit to Cody Briggs]

Singer, Producer, and multi-instrumentalist alternative Pop-Psych artist Old Man Canyon has recently joined Nettwerk. To celebrate the news, Jett Pace a.k.a. Old Man Canyon, has unveiled the details of his upcoming EP, So Long Babylon, out September 29th, 2023, and its second single, Never Apart.” “Never Apart” is a glimpse into Pace’s “optimistic view of a world that has healed its divisions.”

Jett Pace shares:

’Never Apart’ discusses the state of the world and our long history of destroying one another, over different beliefs. We’re in this chain reaction of opposition, and we’re taught we are enemies of one another. It’s a reminder we’re all human, and that we’re all here together hoping and dreaming of the same things in life.

Old Man Canyon previously released Delirium (2016) and A Grand Facade (2018). His music has also appeared in episodes of Bravo’s Suits, ABC’s Pretty Little Liars, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, Showtime’s Shameless, and MTV’s Awkward, to name a few.

For So Long Babylon, Pace primarily recorded with analog equipment, and played every instrument on the record himself, at his home studio. 

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