Citizen Cope’s ‘The Victory March’ Addresses Disconnection

[Cover photo credit to Alex Elena]

Singer-songwriter Citizen Cope has shared “Good Will Overcome,” the final single from his upcoming record The Victory March, out this Friday, July 28th, 2023, via his own Rainwater Recordings. The new track is a piano ballad which follows the “core themes of the record, hope and resilience”.

Explaining The Victory March’s title, Cope says he sees the record as one about “finding connection amidst chaos”.

He shares:

I wanted to celebrate the gift of life and of knowledge. You get on the road and you see how disconnected people are. There’s a lot of discontent out there—in most cases, rightfully so. People feel like they’re not a part of something. We’re just thrown into a pit against each other over commerce, more financial and economic differences than actual human differences, and we get confused… I felt like writing something positive, with more of a hopeful slant.

Cope is known for blending Hip-Hop-based beats with Blues, Soul, Folk, and Rock. For the new album, fans will find more expansive arrangements, with horns and strings added. It was co-produced by Alex Elena (Alice Smith, Lily Allen).

In 2010, Cope founded his own record label, Rainwater Recordings, allowing him to exert full creative control. He released The Rainwater LP later that year. One Lovely Day followed in 2012. After taking a hiatus from his own record releases, Cope came back with Heroin and Helicopters in 2019 and The Pull of Niagara Falls in 2021. 

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