“Athene” From The Velveteins Brings A Greek Goddess To Modern Life

[Cover photo credit to Evangeline Belzile]

The Velveteins
are steeped in 1960s psychedelia and Indie Rock. Inspired after living out of a camper van on the beaches of Australia for a year, frontman Spencer Morphy returned to Canada and started the band with co-songwriter Addison Hiller in 2014. Later joined by Dean Kheroufi, Daniel Sedmak and Cam O’Neill, the group has since become known for their live performances.

“Athene” is the third single to be released from their upcoming sophomore album. The track was inspired by the war goddess in Homer’s Iliad.

Morphy shares:

I was exploring through the Iliad at the time, so the lore was fresh in my mind, but I imagined a tale about a woman sort of mirroring Athene in modern life. I drew from great women that I know, and crafted a song that explored developing a relationship with her, and falling under her influence and just being along for the ride.

Written in the small surf town of Tofino, Canada, “Athene” exudes a comforting atmosphere.

The Velveteins have a vigorous touring schedule that has led to international festival appearances (SXSW, and The Great Escape) and opening slots for acts including Wolf Parade, Hockey Dad and Chad Vangaalen.

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