Berkley Draws On A Small City’s Music Scene For “Pueblo Nights”

Portland-based Indie Pop-Rock artist Berkley has revealed “Pueblo Nights“, the first single from his debut full-length album Pueblo, out Sept. 1, 2013 via Big Secret Records. The new track explores themes of “memory, youth, and growth” in Berkley’s hometown of Pueblo, Colorado.

Berkley is the musical moniker of Andrew Jones, an experienced recording engineer who now channels his production and songwriting talents into this project. After exploring broad musical territory from recording with former Cher bassist Bob Parr BOB and collaboration with members of The Offspring on their synthesizer project Sound for Bombs. This led him into exploring Electronic elements more fully.

On this new offering, Jones recalls “being in young dumb love in a small city’s punk rock and heavy metal music scene.”

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