Madds Buckley’s “My Love Is Sick” Explores The Ugly Sides Of Love

Nashville-based singer/songwriter Madds Buckley has released new single My Love Is Sick”. The track “evokes the pain of a love that is better left alone”.

Madds Buckley shares:

‘My Love is Sick’ delves into the ugly sides of love, comparing it to an infection that slowly takes over. Its dark imagery pulls at the overbearing emotions that come from love that hurts: be it unrequited, toxic, or doomed. Almost everyone can relate to a love that has left us feeling wounded, but what happens to us when we let that hurt consume us whole?

Perhaps best known for creating music inspired by her favorite anime, Madds Buckley gives audiences a first look at personal experiences in “My Love Is Sick”. More music is set for release in coming months.

Madds Buckley’s most recent album, Sunset on Summerville, was inspired by characters from the My Hero Academia series. Buckley makes music for anime fans that is “meant to be enjoyed by everyone, whether they know the story it is inspired by or not.”

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