Ashton Nyte’s ‘Autumn’s Children’ Will Be Accompanied By An Album-Themed Book

[Cover photo credit to Ashton Nyte]

South African-born, U.S.-based singer-songwriter, Producer, and composer Ashton Nyte is releasing his eighth album, Autumn’s Children, out in August 2023. Lead single “Something Beautiful” is out now and is a song that Nyte says:

…explores a relationship from the perspective of someone who feels undeserving of happiness or love but is grateful nonetheless. The new work has a fragile vulnerability to it which I’ve never fully revealed before. It is a terrifying and exhilarating new chapter for me.

Like its predecessor, Waiting For A Voice (2020), the 11-track Autumn’s Children will also be accompanied by a book of short stories, poetry, and musings, expanding on the themes of the album.

Nyte has released seven solo albums as Ashton Nyte and eleven albums as The Awakening, a prominent South African Alternative Rock band.

Nyte has contributed vocals and lyrics to a number of other projects, featuring members of The Cure, Cheap Trick, Peter Murphy, The Mission, and Beauty In Chaos, among many others.

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