Abby Posner’s ‘Second Chances’ Is About Rebuilding

[Cover photo credit to Jeff Fasano]

Singer-songwriter, composer and Producer Abby Posner has blended Americana, Folk, Indie Pop and Punk for her introspective “queer love story” on her upcoming second solo album, Second Chances.

Due out August 11, 2023 the self-written, recorded and Produced album will mark the Los Angeles-based artist’s first release via Blackbird Record Label. It was inspired by “a major breakup” and “relays themes of resilience, patience, acceptance, self-awareness, and rebuilding.”

Posner has shared an in-studio performance video, recorded live and in one take, for the debut single “Simple Life”. Filmed at Sonic Boom Studios in Venice, CA during the album’s recording session with her live band, “Simple Life” reminds audiences of the value of the simple things in life.

Posner shares:

We live in such a chaotic world right now, politically and socially, I believe that it is important to have art and music that can bring us back to earth…that can ground us in these unpredictable times. ‘Simple Life’ is that song for me. Every time I play it, I am immediately transported to a different environment. Almost like a meditation.

We live in a material-focused, capitalist society…every man for himself. I thought, what would it be like to write a song about letting go? Letting go of material items and focusing on planting seeds, growing love, and leaning into a higher power. Simply surrendering.

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