Tsjuder Returns With ‘Helvegr’, An Epic Years In The Making

[Cover photo credit to Chantik Photography]

Norwegian Black Metal band Tsjuder was founded in 1993 when members Nag (vocals/bass), Berserk (guitar), and Draugluin (guitar) grew weary of playing Death Metal and were looking for a more extreme approach.

Assuming the Tsjuder name, a moniker taken from a mythical Northern tribe, they created two demos, Ved Ferdens Ende and Possessed, recorded between 1995-96. But it was with 1997’s EP, Throne of the Goat, that their reputation became truly cemented.

Now, 30 years later, they are back with more “death, devils and destruction.” New album Helvegr is due on June 23, 2023. The track and video “Gods of Black Blood” are out now.

After their early EPs, recordings for an inaugural full-length in 1999 were lost to a computer virus, but from the scavenged remnants of these sessions would emerge the Atum Nocturnem demo, a foretaste of the group’s debut album, Kill For Satan.

Demonic Possession (2002) and Desert Northern Hell (2004) followed, with the band taking a hiatus in 2006 with members launching other projects. Returning to live performances in 2010, they also released Legion Helvete (2011), and Antiliv (2015).
Tsjuder quickly set about creating the follow-up to Antiliv, but “musical differences and protracted disputes led to a parting of the ways.” Drummer Anti-Christian left after 20-year tenure with the group, whereupon they enlisted Jon Rice. The pandemic further interrupted their latest album, but now they are ready to deliver their “savage offering” to the world.

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