Luluc Goes Mining For ‘Diamonds’

[Cover photo credit to Karl Scullin]

Australian duo Luluc have announced their fifth album Diamonds, due September 15, 2023 via Community Music. The announcement is heralded by the release of the album’s title track alongside a black-and-white video. The band has also announced an appearance at Los Angeles’ School Night performance series on June 12th, 2023.

The band’s Zoë Randell says about the album:

The songs speak for themselves, they contain all you will need. It doesn’t feel right to say ‘what they are about.’ What inspired them is, as always, vast and uncontainable. The personal is of course in there, but only in a detached way, and I use it only to launch or find a way into the possibilities and ideas. I do it that way, so the songs can be for you, whoever the listener is, or may be. Not as some kind of catharsis session for me.  

I/we want to create expansive, deep worlds that go well beyond the sense of author, and creators, to create musical and lyrical spaces that have layers and (hopefully) intrigue. That reward you when you come back, and that you can enjoy in different moods and modes. Loud or soft. It does feel akin to a kind of diamond mining. It requires going into depths, not always or at all easy, and then getting the idea all the way to something that gleams and glints; and offers a sense of music and light, a sense of the richness that is everywhere if you get your perspective just so.   

The album announcement comes shortly after the release of Luluc’s welcome to warmer climes, “Come On Spring.” These two new tracks introduce a warmer sound for Luluc.

Through their 14-year creative partnership, the duo of Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett have successively incorporated new elements as disparate as synths and brass with each new album. After several Sub Pop releases, collaborations with Aaron Dessner, and tours with J Mascis and more, Luluc is self-releasing Diamonds.

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