Matt Von Roderick Takes A Celestial Approach To “Fly Me To The Moon”

[Cover photo credit to Heidi Calvert]

Matt Von Roderick, also known as Matt Shulman, takes the well-known song “Fly Me To The Moon” and creates a “celestial” new rendition. Additionally, Von Roderick has announced that “Fly Me To The Moon” is the first single from his new album, Celestial Heart, which arrives on July 21st, 2023.

He comments on the track:

With this version of ‘Fly To Me The Moon’ I’m offering a new take on an iconic song, a version that in some ways may be even more true to the lyrics. The more traditional arrangements are perhaps more earthbound, but this viewpoint is decidedly more celestial…I hope it moves people…it’s always powerful to see and hear things with new eyes and ears, to discover new possibilities unfolding before you.

Von Roderick shares about the album:

Half of CELESTIAL HEART is composed of unique arrangements of standards from the American Songbook, such as the iconic ‘Fly Me to the Moon.’ The other half of the album is comprised of completely free, creative improvisation and spontaneous composition. The mixture of these elements speaks to my overall philosophy and helped give this album a transcendent feeling… ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ represents a kind of manifesto of balance and spectrum of possibility.

Von Roderick has played Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts bringing together his trumpet playing and vocals. He often combines loops and contemporary spoken word.

Matt Von Roderick prioritizes “the spiritual aspects of music” and “seeks to make a positive impact in the world.”

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