Song Premier: Dean Mueller’s “Home To Me” Draws Helpful Conclusions From A Painful Break-Up

Dean Mueller’s solo album debut, Life Ain’t All Roses, arrives on June 16th, 2023. A professional musician for nearly 20 years, Dean Mueller has worked as a performer, producer, promoter, recording engineer and teacher. Several singles, including “Sky Fallin’” and “Movin’ On” have been previously released.

Mueller, who is a bassist, recorded his album of original Americana songs in Nashville with Producer-pianist Kevin McKendree and members of John Prine’s band. Mueller recorded the album with the goal of creating “a cross between John Prine and Tom Petty.”  

Today, we’re very pleased to premier Mueller’s track “Home To Me” on Wildfire Music + News. The song may be a “break-up” tune but it’s anything but predictable, from its upbeat, warm guitars to its detailed, daily life lyrics. Most satisfying is its dramatic arc, moving from the grim realities of living single in a once-shared home, to a realization and acceptance of what might be best for the speaker, then finally to a position of hope that seems reasonable rather then just a consoling element.

In short, Mueller takes the audience into the speaker’s unvarnished, very personal mental journey, and in doing so may highlight some of the possibilities ahead for those in a similar position.

Mueller shares about the new track:

The song ‘Home To Me’ is another breakup tune to add to the collection. The band totally killed it, and I love how it turned out. They did an amazing job bringing it to life, and I love how the title kinda tricks you since it’s not a lovey-dovey tune. Like most of my tracks, it’s very real and honest, which is how I like it.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of coming home after a break-up and seeing all the reminders of your ex everywhere. It’s a super relatable feeling, you know? And then there’s that urge to just pack up and move on, not wanting to go through all that heartache again. I’ve been there, done that, and life’s just too short for that kinda pain.

Mueller’s previous performing and recording experience includes The Duffy Bishop Band, Insomniacs, and the award-winning Julie Amici Band. As a promoter and producer, he has staged more than 400 performances in the past decade, including tributes to Patsy Cline, Nina Simone and his favorite singer-songwriter, the late John Prine.  

He adds, concerning the upcoming album:

Every song on my album has meaning and inspiration behind it. I just want to be real and authentic.

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