Harker’s “Out The Window” Is A Protest Anthem About Climate Crisis

Brighton, UK Punk Rock outfit Harker have released new single “Out The Window” via Wiretap Records. It was inspired by “the persistent existential angst of the impending climate crisis” and takes the form of a “protest anthem”.

This follows their single “Wasting Time” which arrived at the end of March 2023 and their 2022 EP, Live at Southsea Sound. The video was made by Sam Luck (@luckysamphoto) and the single was recorded by Tim Greaves at Southsea Sound.

Live dates:

24th June – Booze Cruise, Hamburg (Germany)

30th June – Prince Albert, Brighton (UK)

8th July – Right To Roam, Bolton (UK)

15th July – Guildhall, Portsmouth (UK) * Supporting Authority Zero 28th October – One For The Road Festival, York (UK)

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