John Baumann’s “Gold El Camino” Channels Classic Car Love

[Photo credit to Carley Du Menil]

Singer-songwriter John Baumann will be releasing On Border Radio, his sixth album, on October 6, 2023. Baumann continues to “lean into observation over experience”, preferring to inhabit stories that aren’t his own. On new track, “Gold El Camino,” out today, he celebrates “a man’s love for the Chevy classic”.

Of Border Radio, Baumann says:

I hope the listener can transport themselves out of their lives and go somewhere else in a cinematic way. I hope listening to this album is like going to the movies. This album is about experiencing something else, somewhere else.

As a fifth generation Texan and a self-proclaimed geographical songwriter, Baumann will always see the Lone Star State as the ideal canvas for his writing. In fact, he says Border Radio is simply a collection of “colors and vignettes from San Antonio and Hill Country down to the border. Like Steinbeck said, Texas is, ‘Rich, poor, Panhandle, Gulf, city, country, Texas is obsession, the proper study.’”

This Fall’s upcoming Border Radio is Baumann’s fourth solo album, in addition to the two he’s released with The Panhandlers, along with Josh Abbott, William Clark Green and Cleto Cordero (of Flatland Cavalry).

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