External Signal’s “Nonbiney” Explores Their Outward Expressions Of Gender Fluidity

[Cover photo credit to Devonte Johnson]

Indie Pop project from the Oklahoma scene, External Signal, is led by Maxwell Moore. Moore is a multi-instrumentalist who played in Noise Rock bands growing up which greatly contributed to shaping the musical concepts found on their new single “Nonbiney”. The new track is a Power Pop ballad “conveying the fluidity of gender expression.”

The title “Nonbiney”  took inspiration from a meme about gender neutral identities that lead singer Maxwell Moore resonated with. A goal in writing the track was to “create a piece that mirrored External Signal’s self-reflection and expression through their clothes, hair, and personality.”

The track’s end result as described by Moore, is “loud, messy, fun, and emotional”. Though most of the production was done by Moore, Andy Oswald of Paradise Recording was able to add finishing touches.

The pandemic period allowed Moore to focus on writing original content, as well as starting their own label, Bug Body Records. Although “Nonbiney” marks the first self-written release for External Signal, they came to public attention on TikTok through their cover of Gorillaz“Rhinestone Eyes”. Overall, a staple of External Signal’s music is the marriage between Noise Rock and Indie Pop.