Flames Of Durga Go For A Live Sound On Their Self-Titled Debut Album

[Cover photo credit to David Fearn]

California-based trio Flames Of Durga, are releasing their debut, self-titled album on March 24th, 2023, having released several singles and videos along the way. The collection of 10 songs fuse desert Rock, Metal and Punk fronted by the Romero twins, Béah and Cecilia. Some of their themes so far include “female empowerment, personal growth, and emerging from the darkness.” The Romero twins are joined by Nate Million on drums.

Flames of Durga’s debut album was produced by veteran musician Dave Catching (Queens of the Stoneage, Eagles of Death Metal, Mojave Lords) and recorded at his Rancho de la Luna studio in Joshua Tree, California. The band are already known for their live shows, so trying to tap into that in the recording studio was a challenge.

Beah Romero comments:

It’s been hard capturing our live show energy in previous recordings, but working with producer Dave Catching, and recording at Rancho de la Luna, we were finally able to capture that live magic on this album.

The three singles out now from Flames Of Durga’s album are “Alpha Woman”, “White Owl” and “Darkest Hour”. After surviving a near-death car crash, the Romero sisters named the band after Durga, the fire goddess from Hindu mythology who “embodies fierce feminine power.”

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