Amanda Stewart Ruminates On What We Really Need In Life For “Lonesome Mountain”

[Cover photo credit to The Whiskey Ginger]

Montana-based Americana artist Amanda Stewart has delivered the lead single, “Lonesome Mountain,” off her forthcoming album Venom which arrives on Friday, July 28, 2023. The track arrives with a scenic music video set in her home of Bozeman, Montana that reinforces the artist’s connection to the natural world.

Although the track was a last minute addition after she thought the album was complete, “Lonesome Mountain” representing “the core of the message” Stewart intends to convey through her work.

Stewart shares:

Since nature is such a big part of my life, I love being able to intertwine it into my songs. I ended up choosing it as the first single of the year because I feel like it represents everything I want to tell people. ‘I’ve seen my troubled days, but I’m made of earth and wood and stone.’ I have realized that past relationships and hardships don’t define me and what I thought I wanted in the past isn’t actually what I wanted or needed.

Speaking of her wider work, Stewart comments:

I just want people to feel ok with whatever they’re feeling. There are songs about a lot of serious and difficult things, and also songs about fleeting moments in my life, and I know others have had similar experiences.

I want people to get these songs stuck in their head, so that they can be reminded that someone else has been where they may be at now, or have been before in life.