Mag Electric Brings Psychedelia To Hard Rock For “Thorn In My Side”

Brooklyn-based Hard Rock trio with Psych Rock influences, Mag Electric, have released their new single/video “Thorn in My Side.” “Thorn In My Side” is the second single from NYC 3-piece building off the Hard Rock foundation the band laid with their debut “Iron Horse”. In the new track, Psychedelic influences of guitarist Jack Simchak are particularly on display as well as the band’s penchant for non-traditional song structures. 

Mag Electric consists of Jack Simchak (guitar and vocals), Scott Meyer (bass), and Bill Peluso (drums). The three came together out of a shared love of old-school hard rock bands like QOTSA, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, and ZZ Top, as well as master musicians like Jeff Porcaro. 

The band is currently gigging around NYC in support of their single “Thorn In My Side”. Looking ahead you can find the band on the road touring the northeast this spring with more releases coming throughout the rest of 2023.

Mag Electric will be going out on tour in late April-early May throughout the Northeast, going down as south as Virginia and as far north as Maine, hitting many places in between. More information will be available on all band social media accounts as the dates get closer.

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