Mereki Captures That Feeling Of Having Met Before For “Twin Flame”

[Cover photo credit to Rose Waite]

Australian/English artist Mereki recently released new single “Twin Flame.” The track is meant to be “the embodiment of the woozy dream-state of being in love”. Mereki supports the idea of “Pop with a purpose,” using her own music to make a positive impact.

Diving into the meaning of the single, Mereki says:

’Twin Flame’ is about meeting someone for the first time and knowing immediately that you’ve met before, maybe a million times. And that this being has played every meaningful role in your life and that no matter how many challenges you might face together or what role they might play this lifetime, you’ve found each other again and you are together forever.

Last year saw the release of Mereki’s first single in new era, “Presence.” While in a writing room above the studio where Dhani Harrison and Graham Coxon of Blur were recording, Mereki was inspired by the guitars reverberating through the walls and began singing a melody that became the first verse.

After sharing her melody with Harrison, the two were motivated to work together to complete Mereki’s composition.

“Twin Flame” single artwork – Photo by Rose Waite
Art Direction & Additional Graphics by Sara Rabin

At the end of 2022, Mereki and her Be Kind charity partnered with the Happy Baby Community for a Presents for Presence holiday fundraiser. The campaign helped raise money, awareness, and much needed supplies for asylum-seeking new mothers and their babies. Happy Baby Community provides a holistic approach to healing which includes long term support for both mothers and children.

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