José González Documentary ‘A Tiger In Paradise’ Will Debut With Special Performance Events

[Cover photo credit to Plattform Produktion]

New documentary, A Tiger in Paradise, about musician José González, will have its world premiere in the main competition at CPH:DOX on March 18th, 2023. This is also the first stop for the unique special event tour that accompanies the film, called ”An exclusive evening with José Gonzalez”. The special event consists of a screening of the documentary, a curated talk with Gonzales, and a live performance where he will play some of his most personal songs.

A Tiger in Paradise is produced by the multiple Academy Award nominated and Palme d’Or winning film company Plattform Produktion (Triangle of Sadness & The Square) and directed by Gonzales’ long time collaborator Mikel Cee Karlsson, who has directed many of his music videos and also directed the 2010 film The Extraordinary Ordinary Life of José González.

The new film is described as “a visual journey into José González’s inner world of thoughts and shadows, an intimate look at the creative, sharp and fragile mind behind the music.”

Gonzales says:

I’m very excited to present this event together with Mikel. He’s been great at picking up subtle ideas in the music and in our conversations, to bring them to life in my music videos, and now this documentary. This hybrid event will be great to invite the fans even more into the themes in the film and some key songs, but also my personal history which I haven’t shared in this way before.

Director Mikel Cee Karlsson adds:

The goal with this hybrid event is to create a special collective experience together with the audience, where the film, live show and performance gives a unique insight into José’s mind and music. Something that cannot be experienced anywhere else – outside of these venues.

The event will be approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes long, of which 75 minutes will be the screening of the film. Tickets and further information can be found at or

“An Exclusive Evening With José González” Dates:
3/18/2023 –  Copenhagen, DK –  CPH:DOX @ Bremen Teater
3/20/2023 –  Copenhagen, DK –  CPH:DOX @ Bremen Teater
4/26/2023 –  Barcelona, ES –  Paral-lel 62
4/28/2023 –  Berlin, DE –  Babylon

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