Watch Chestnut Grove’s Psychedelic Solidarity In “All For You” Video

Philadelphia-based Indie five-piece band Chestnut Grove have revealed a psychedelic video for their latest single, “All For You,” from the band’s upcoming LP, Can’t Stand the Music. The track and video suggest an earnest unity and supportiveness among band members. The band is also currently on tour with upcoming dates in upstate NY, Wisconsin, Wikes-Barre, PA amongst others.

Singer/guitarist/drummer, Dee Gerhart reflects on the video:

It was so great to be in this video- the crew was amazing. It didn’t feel like work at all, and overall, I think we captured everything they were going for visually. Not only does it look great, but I think it represents us, as a band, how we are; a quirky group who clearly spend a lot of time together and love one another.

Gerhart comments on the band’s ethos:

If people can relate, jam out to it and it reaches the people who need it, then mission accomplished for me. Bands still exist. The idea of getting your friends who have instruments together and making noise, isn’t dead. It is possible to stick through good and hard times, and still love what you do and who you do it with. I hope that our music will inspire more people to create and relate. Music is the universal communicator. It’s healing for everyone.

Chestnut Grove Live!
February 24th
The Southern Cafe and Music Hall
Charlottesville, NY
w/ Disco Risqué
March 3rd
River Street Jazz Café
Wilkes Barre, PA
w/ Disco Risqué
March 4th
The Range
Ithaca, NY
w/ Disco Risqué
March 21st
People’s Brewing Company
Lafayette, IN
March 25th
Appleton Beer Factory
Appleton, WI
April 14th
North Street Press Club
Farmville, VA

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