Versus The World Joins SBÄM For ‘The Bastards Live Forever’

Santa Barbara, California-based band Versus The World, featuring members of Lagwagon and Good Riddance, have joined the SBÄM Records family. The band’s upcoming Cameron Webb-produced album titled The Bastards Live Forever will be released in May 2023. On February 24th, 2023 the first of four singles prior to the album will be released.

Singer Donald Ashley Spence says:

I can’t tell you how much work went into this collection of songs. I’d always been taught that if what you were working on wasn’t (what you thought) was your best… start over. Never put anything into the world that you were not absolutely sure of.

VTW have crafted a unique style of Melodic Post-Punk that incorporates every member’s skill from their other projects including Lagwagon guitarist Chris Flippin and Good Riddance drummer Sean Sellers. The band is also all about “passion and an urge to scream out deeply rooted feelings” in this new collection.

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