Spark Of Life Teams Up With Fred Armisen For “Song Of Hope”

[Cover photo credit to Jonathan Wiener]

Spark Of Life is a Post-Hardcore band that formed in the suburbs of Los Angeles almost 25 years ago and they’ve followed an unpredictable course in music. They have returned with the single Song Of Hope,” a melodic Punk track with lyrics about facing loss.

Centered around the songwriting nucleus of singer Steve Jennings and guitarist Nicholas Piscitello, the band recruited actor, comedian, and drummer Fred Armisen to play on the song. The song and an accompanying video are out now.

“Song of Hope” is one of two tracks that will be on a split with fellow California Melodic Punk band Freewill due out this Spring on New Age Records. Collaborating with Armisen came very naturally for the band after he and Jennings met.

On working together, Armisen comments:

The band are friends of mine. They asked me to play drums on a song and that was an easy yes. What a great song. Recording and then doing the video was a lot of fun. Happy to be a fill-in drummer and full time friend!

Spark Of Life released their debut in 2003, Promises Made. Promises Kept. Over the next two decades, Spark Of Life all but disappeared. Things changed in Fall 2018 when Jennings offered to reunite Spark of Life for one night to open up for Rise (it was quite a momentous event).

The band’s brief reunion reignited the creative spirit between Jennings and Piscitello, who began writing off and on for the next few years. By early 2022, an idea was hatched to record a few of the songs that they had gotten to a point of near completion. Now, they are already at work on their second full-length album, a record that, in some ways, has been 20 years in the making, and are even planning some live performances.

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