Riike Normann’s “Circles” Confronts The Elephant In The Room With Honesty

Norwegian Indie Pop artist Riike Normann has released the single “Circles” alongside an animated video. The song traces the “circles” we make around uncomfortable issues and urges people to free themselves by confronting problems in an honest way.

She shares:

Circles is a mellow, singer-songwriter song about avoiding the elephant in the room, dancing around issues that ultimately cannot be avoided. Pretending everything’s fine until suddenly you’ve pretended so much for so long, you no longer know each other, or yourself. Sometimes we mistake not speaking our truth for being kind and adaptable, and overtime these things grow big. When you choose to be unafraid and speak your truth, the quality of your relationships becomes more sincere, because the relationship you have with yourself is more honest. The more you learn to love your full self, the more unafraid and honest you will live.

Sought after as a vocalist, Rikke has toured extensively with acts like Bernhoft, Sivert Høyem, Madcon, Marcus & Martinus, Amanda Tenfjord, and Emma Steinbakken. She sang with John Legend at the Nobel Peace Price concert in 2017, before moving into solo work.

In 2019 Rikke played 100+ solo shows in living rooms all over Norway, promoting her music. The intimate concerts resulted in a very devoted audience and earned her the title “the living room queen”.