Grande Royale Gets Vocal For ‘Welcome To Grime Town’

[Cover photo credit to Martin Herma]

Swedish Garage Rock band Grande Royale will be releasing Welcome to Grime Town, their sixth studio album, via The Sign Records on the 24th of March, 2023 in LP, CD, and digital formats. Picking up where their 2021 album Carry On left off, the new new collection features vocal performances by every member of Grande Royale, adding layers, depth, and variety to the record. The album’s second single “Utopia” is out now, alongside a video.

The album is the first featuring new member Calle Rydberg on guitar and vocals. As with their last record, Grande Royale has teamed up with Robert Pehrsson who mixed Welcome to Grime Town in Studio Humbucker. 

The album was Recorded in Booyah Studios in 2022, and was Produced and recorded by Grande Royale and mastered by Ulf Blomberg in Hoborec Recording Studios. The album also features special guest performance by Mattias Rydell (lead guitar on the track ”Augury”) and Helen Vilsson (lead vocals on ”Run Officer Run”). 

Founded in 2014, the band takes inspiration from 1970s Detroit Rock and various Scandinavian influences. Their many releases have made it possible for the band to go out and play live shows all over Sweden, as well as in the U.K and Southern Europe.

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