Hoogenboom’s “Damn Good” Celebrates Finding Self Confidence

[Cover photo credit to Billy Yarbrough]

Hoogenboom, aka singer and songwriter Brandon Hoogenboom, has revealed the single “Damn Good” from his upcoming debut album Good For Nothing (A Spiraling Blackout Montage) out February 10th, 2023 via Rose Garden (Runnner, Monster Rally). The song is a “contemplative ode to self acceptance”, with vocal harmonies, synths, and violins.

Brandon Hoogenboom shares:

After spending most of my life feeling incredibly insecure, I finally found confidence in myself. I let go of the pressure to conform to what I felt like the world was telling me to be and found the joy in embracing who I am. 

Previous teaser tracks included “The Violinist (Penalized & Paralyzed)” and “Skipping Town.”

Album art by Brandon Hoogenboom

The artist comments on the album’s title:

I had a tendency to take things too far in an attempt to cope with what felt like the breakup of a tight-knit family. A lot of this album is me taking the time to address my issues inside and outside of the band, and it’s taken a decade for me to really understand that period of my life and be able to move on. This is me learning how much I need to take the reins of my own life and my own story.