Celebration Guns Share Perspectives On The Past With ‘Midlife Vices’

Arizona-based Emo/Math Rock band Celebration Guns have clearly been preoccupied with time based on the titles of their last two releases, including 2020’s On Aging Gracelessly and 2021’s The Visiting Years. You can also count their song titles in that theme, like “Something About Hindsight in 2020,” “Old Man Yells at Cloud,” “Better Days,” “The Me That Used to Be.”

They’ve just released their new EP Midlife Vices which confirms that they aren’t nostalgic for the past, but are prepared to evaluate their past behavior. The single and video for “Too Many Bandifesto” have also been released.

The fact that the band members are all in their 30s, and they’ve been playing music for over a decade gives them some perspective on their own pasts. They also have goals to stay real somehow and possibly even age gracefully.

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