Laura Zucker Traces Connections With ‘Lifeline’

Laura Zucker’s sixth studio album, Lifeline, will be arriving on January 20th, 2023, and with it she takes a deep look into “what it means to be connected to one another, to ourselves, to our past, our present and our future”. Zucker confronts “mistakes made, opportunities missed, and the inevitable passage of time” and shares her observations.

Zucker shares from the viewpoint of a late bloomer in music and may convey hard truths but is known for her positive spin. She’s a three-time finalist in the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk competition, a Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist, and a five-time winner of the West Coast Songwriters’ Association’s Best Song of the Year.

Zucker is also the author of the book SongC.R.A.F.T.- Writing Songs In Your Authentic Voice, and leads SongC.R.A.F.T. workshops around the country.

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