Helene Cronin Sets Up ‘Landmarks’ For Her Second Album

Singer/songwriter Helene Cronin is readying her new album Landmarks for a February 3rd, 2023 release. The work was intentionally focused on creating a full album rather than just individual songs and Helene Cronin and Matt King spent a year and a half crafting it.

Landmarks is the follow-up to Cronin’s 2019 debut Old Ghosts & Lost Causes. Fans may notice that is has a heavier feel in terms of topics and Production. It also includes her signature “life wisdom” songs.

King and Cronin began recording in June 2021, involving more layers of instrumentation, including Byron House’s bass, Kenny Vaughan’s guitar work and Bobby Terry’s atmospheric steel, acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo. Occasionally the guitars on the album Rock with a retro-70s feel but no two songs on this record are at all alike.

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