Grace McKagan’s Solo EP ‘Heart Of Hearts’ Resists Fear Of Judgement

Rocker Grace McKagan has released her debut solo EP Heart of Hearts, taking a step into her own creative work after fronting the Alt-Rock band The Pink Slips. It’s a movement into a more vulnerable sound and subject matter and McKagan has focused on the craft of songwriting.

On the release, McKagan shares: 

This EP represents softer aspects of myself. Listeners can expect a vulnerable and more honeyed sonic experience than they have ever received from me and my past musical projects. What I feel to be the whole ethos and resonating theme of this project is identifying with the commonality in all of us; insecurity, sorrow, heartbreak and kindness. Or perhaps, at least attempting to see the good in a world full of so many pre-disposed judgments and hate.

In addition to the EP, Grace has released a music video for the title track, which she shares is the most personal song she’s ever written:

I really always knew that I wanted the video to feature little kids at the end, when the song is peaking, and the lyrics echo ‘When you see me, do you really see me?’, the kids represent all of us, how we were all once those kids, and in our heart of hearts, we still are. We are those kids on the playground playing with whoever and expressing ourselves without the fear of judgement, we are naive to judgments and what people may say.

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