Poppymoon Developed Their Origin Story ‘I’ From A Home Studio

[Cover photo credit to Lisa Jureczko]

German Pop duo Poppymoon have recently released their I EP, coming quickly on the heels of their latest single “KTHXBYE”I tells the story of the duo’s origins, their beginnings as Poppymoon, and how their paths intertwined.

The duo wanted to create a record that represented their “authentic selves” and expresses their differences in character and mood which are all, ultimately “one coin”.

The EP’s tracks have been worked on over the past two years via a home studio, where Poppymoon was able to record and produce their own music, giving them as much time as they saw fit, “without external interference or artificial deadlines.“

They say:

Taking the time to experiment with new sounds, telling stories, and playing around in our studio (which we built ourselves) is a big part of our lives. Ultimately, we only finish songs that resonate with us, resulting in this EP.

The German pop duo Poppymoon was founded in 2020 by producer djaaaen and singer Sabina. Infusing their sound with elements of their past lives in Rock bands, the duo create a darker Pop sound that “remains groovy to the core”. They explore topics such as mental health, self-discovery, freedom, and hope in their lyrics, which are inspired by their own experiences growing up in today’s world.


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