Metts Ryans Collins Trio Maximized Their Collaboration Time For ‘No Days Be Wasted’

Portland, Oregon-based Rock trio Metts Ryan Collins recently released their sophomore full-length album featuring Blues-Rock titled No Days Be Wasted. No Days Be Wasted was recorded during the height of the pandemic and unlike previous releases, where members would bring in a nearly-complete song, No Days Be Wasted is truly a collaborative effort.

Frontman Geoff Metts recalls:

There were a couple of months where I didn’t see the guys. Then we finally met at our rehearsal space and just started building songs out. Except for ‘Complicated,’ which I had demoed at home, it wasn’t me or one of the other guys coming with full songs. It was someone coming with a riff here and riff there and going through to completion. It was a more organic process.

Recorded primarily at Portland’s Primal Recording Studio with their frequent engineer/producer Kevin Hahn, No Days Be Wasted finds Metts Ryan Collins expanding their influences and breaking free of any previously unrealized boundaries. 

The album’s title track came about when Hanh suggested the four of them go to the Oregon coast, stay in a house, hang out, and let the song flow naturally. Metts describes it as an “immersive” project since they focused completely on one song during that time.

The band feels that  No Days Be Wasted lives up to its name, since a record that may have been born during a pandemic when “all the band had was time, but not one practice, recording session, or minute was wasted in the making of the record”.

Comprised of Geoff Metts (guitar, lead vocals), Dain Ryan (bass, vocals), and Mike Collins (drums, vocals), Metts Ryan Collins previously released a self-titled EP in 2015 and their debut full-length album Homegrown in 2018. 

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