Chase The Sun With Cayucas’ Video For “Sayulita”

[Cover photo credit to Cara Robbins]

Cayucas, the Los Angeles duo made up of brothers Zach and Ben Yudin have shared the video for their day-dream single “Sayulita,” directed by Gabriela Sibilska. The video creates a miniature world to experience a “cozy universe”.

Director Gabriela Sibiliska says:

The song itself is really descriptive in its lyrics and so vibey – it felt almost like illustrating a book. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create a dreamy, cozy universe for the viewer to be immersed in. I had the idea to create a little village with fun characters, and revisit the same places within it during the day – to make the viewer feel almost at home, at the same time emphasizing just how relaxed and slow-paced the life of Sayulita is. I wanted to have a lot going on while having nothing really happen! The design was inspired by vintage postcards and old cartoon backgrounds, and the lyrics served as a great guide for the imagery.

Zach Yudin speaks about the song:

Sayulita was a demo that we wrote in around 2016-17. Something about this place, Sayulita, we were hearing about, it had a nice ring to it. We’ve never been, and have no plans to go, but lyrically I like to create a sort of mythical place in my mind that encompasses the mood. The song has a sort of Eagles-esque, Hotel California quality to it, but it’s really about the idea of going somewhere in your mind. Even if you’re not actually there, it takes you away for a while.

Known for their melodic Surf Rock and buoyant jams, the band shared a pair of singles, “Sayulita” and “Topo Rides the Wave” earlier this year following 2020’s album Blue Summer (Park the Van). The band says to look out for more music next year.  

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