Olive Klug’s “Out Of Line” Is A Call To Question And Experiment

[Cover photo credit to Rae Eubanks]

Nettwerk has recently signed queer contemporary Folk singer/songwriter Olive Klug (they/them). In conjunction with their signing to Nettwerk, Olive Klug has shared their new single “Out of Line”, which takes on “misleading childhood advice of the American Dream”.

The acoustic song was heavily influenced by the events of 2020 including a “racist/homophobic/misogynistic president alongside the emotional distress of the global pandemic”.

Olive Klug shares this about their new single:

‘Out of Line’ is a song about unlearning the rules you’ve been taught and deciding to write your own. Throughout childhood, we’re told the right way to do things, the right way to ‘stay in line’ and follow the rules. ‘Out of Line’ is a call to action to question everything you’ve been taught. To question why you’re waiting and what you’re waiting for. It’s a call to experiment with your identity, to make mistakes, and to value joy over practicality.

Olive Klug currently resides in Los Angeles but was raised in Portland, Oregon. Their upbringing in the Pacific Northwest inspires many parts of their artist project including their self-described “Camp Counselor” aesthetic and their focus on building community with fans.

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