Heidevolk Takes Us Into The Folk Metal World Of ‘Wederkeer’ With A Pact Between A Wolf And A Raven

[Cover photo credit to Sietse Schoenmakers]

Five years since the release of their last album Dutch Folk Metal collective Heidevolk will return on February 24, 2023 with their seventh studio album via Napalm Records. New album Wederkeer has been previewed with first single and video for “Klauwen Vooruit”, building on the folkloric soundscapes and large choirs they’ve become known for. The album will be released as CD digipack, on green gatefold 2LP vinyl, and in a deluxe wooden bos.

The band says:

We‘re incredibly excited to present you the first song and music video of our new album. “Klauwen Vooruit” (The Hunter‘s Claw) brings you the story about the extraordinary pact between Wolf and Raven. A bond between predator and scavenger where ravens alert wolves to nearby prey. The wolves respond to the raven‘s call, kill the prey, eat their share and leave the carcass for the ravens to feast on. …And there is more coming up, a lot more!

Set in a world of myths, nature and legends of the Veluwe of the Netherlands, Heidevolk’s new concept album is a “powerful odyssey of the Self” that is deeply rooted in Metal and folklore. The album name Wederkeer means to “return” or “revive” and the band hopes that the album “invites the listener to take a step back from the incessant barrage of media and stimuli and look inside, find out who we are, what is driving us, what our values are, and what we‘ve learned from life up until now”.

Recorded at Sandlane Recording Facilities, mixed by Joost van den Broek and mastered by Darius van Helfteren, the album also boasts the addition of various folk musicians on vocals, violins, cello, bukkehorns and more traditional medieval instruments.

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