Jeremiah Moon Captures The Eeriness Of Staying In A Stranger’s House Alone In “Housesitting” Video

Seattle-based singer/songwriter, cellist, and illustrator Jeremiah Moon is has revealed a new Brent Driscoll-directed music video for “Housesitting” a track off his debut EP Sputnik, which is out now via Enci Records (The Joy Formidable, Beach Goons, Fences). The song “Housesitting” tracks the moment in a relationship when people begin to drift apart, and the video brings in the eeriness of staying alone in the home of a total stranger.

In regards to the track, Moon says:

“Housesitting” is a song about the moment when a relationship starts to end. Not about love ending, but about things growing apart; a fork in the road turning into a chapter heading. It’s about the strange truth that sometimes it’s easier to see clearly and feel deeply — even, or maybe especially the good parts — once you’ve already made up your mind to leave.

Of the video, he adds:

Brent and I shot this video at a friend’s treasured family beach house out in the San Juan Islands. We wanted to capture the eerie feeling of being in a stranger’s house – a home, saturated with years of memories that aren’t your own. Your ears become very attentive to small sounds: the refrigerator kicking in, the low hiss of the rain, pipes running beneath the floorboards. The feeling, not of a presence, but an absence so palpable you can almost taste it. Alone but not alone – make yourself at home.

You can still check out our previous interview with Jeremiah Moon about the Sputnik EP right here.

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