Chris Rattie & The New Rebels Get Ready To ‘Begin Again’ With Two New Singles

Americana and Roots-Rock influenced songwriter, Producer, and multi-instrumentalist Chris Rattie hails from the hills of Central Pennsylvania. Since 2013, Chris has released two full length albums, All These Things and Porch. After forming his band, The New Rebels, they released a self-titled EP together in 2020. The group has recently released new singles “That’s Being There” and “This Old World” and are gearing up for an album release in December 2022 with Begin Again.

Of the track “That’s Being There”, Rattie shares:

I wrote this song in under an hour to try and keep the “in the moment” theme true. I just wanted to keep it simple and stick with a first idea, best idea approach. I’m hoping this song gives a good preview of our new sound and upcoming album “Begin Again” due out in December.

The other new track out now, “This Old World”, might be described as “apocalypse Rock” and certainly relates to the feeling of the world at this time.

Chris Rattie & The New Rebels’ upcoming album, Begin Again, is a continuation of their sound, pushing at the boundaries of Americana music. This new collection branches out with explorations in 60’s Classic and Garage Rock alongside harmonica-driven Folk and Blues.

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