Åskväder’s “Cyclops” Unleashes A Storm Of Feelings About War And Injustice

Swedish Rock band Åskväder have returned with the single and music video ”Cyclops” via The Sign. It’s the first new music from the group since their second studio album, Fenix, was released in March earlier this year. It captures their sonic combination of Scandinavian Garage Rock and bluesy influences. ”Cyclops” is the first of two new tracks which Åskväder recorded during the second half of 2022. The single is released together with a music video made by Carl Stenlöv.

Åskväder explains regarding ”Cyclops”:

Our idea was to create a fast-paced track with some great dynamics to it, and of course also add our signum – hooks, groove and hooks. Our goal for the build up of the song is that the listeners should be compelled, through the duration of this gem, to raise their fists in the air and start head banging.

We are deeply troubled by the recent events in the world such as the ongoing war and injustices taking place and Cyclops is our effort to express our thoughts. The lyrical content is of great importance to us and it kind of wrote itself as it is a storm of feelings channeled through our music. We are proud of the results and hope you’ll enjoy the track – we enjoyed every part of creating it.

Åskväder’s name conjures thunder and lightning in music since their name is translated as “Thunderstorm”. They also embrace a “No fuss, just straight Rock n Roll” aesthetic. Some of their influences include The Hellacopters and Turbonegro, meanwhile they create their own combinations of sounds on those foundations.

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