Forty Feet Tall’s “Sleepwalking” Channels The Anxiety And Angst Of The Political Climate

[Cover photo credit to Harper King]

Portland-based Indie Rockers Forty Feet Tall have released the single “Sleepwalking“, a preview of new music coming in early 2023 via Magnetic Moon. “Sleepwalking” explores the “anxiety and angst” that has built up during isolation from the pandemic coupled with the “polarized political climate”, and the band attempts to bring “frustrating emotions to the surface and release it cathartically”.

Cole Gann explains:

I think in this political climate, we’re all desperately wondering if we’re doing enough. This song reflects that feeling. I tend to write lyrics that are maybe a little more up to interpretation, but this song is pretty blunt which felt good.

“Sleepwalking”was produced by Cameron Spies (Radiation City, Night Heron). Forty Feet Tall previously released the EP BOIL and their 2021 debut A Good Distraction

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