Rob Munk’s “Youth” Reflects On An Era Of Mistakes And Triumphs

Indie Rocker Rob Munk has released new single “Youth“, a sonic love letter to “misspent youth, a misty-eyed celebration of juvenile delinquency and bad decisions made in that magical time before consequences, regret and civic responsibility”. Like the environmentally-conscious lead track ‘Amazon’, this track previews his Phased Out LP, slated for release on November 18th, 2022, via the Magic Door Label.

This grassroots imprint was founded by Guided by Voices drummer Kevin March, together with producer Ray Ketchem and artist-vocalist Renée LoBue.

Munk comments:

When we’re young, mistakes and triumphs are often indistinguishable but at least it’s all exciting. We could probably all write this song, and extend it for a thousand verses. I wanted to try something simple, where the verse and chorus had the same chord progression. I always liked songs that were able to pull that off. Producer Ray Ketchem referenced Love and Rockets when we tracked this, which felt perfect because Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven was one of my favorite records during peak adolescence.

Munk has moved in and out of significant acting roles and the formation of bands, as well as working as a copywriter and creative director for major ad campaigns. Now returning to music, he brings personal songs to the table. During the pandemic, he recorded Phased Out with his good friend, actor-writer Daniel London (Old Joy, Minority Report, Manhattan) and Tinsel drummer and writer-director Joe Ventura.

Mixed by Oakland composer-producer Chuck Johnson at Cirrus Oxide,this album was Produced, recorded, mastered and partially mixed at Magic Door Recording by Ray Ketchem, whose Production credits include Guided By Voices, Gramercy Arms, Luna and Elk City.

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