Mary Middlefield’s “Band Aid” Wonders If A Relationship Can End Before It Begins

[Cover photo credit to Valeria Shashenok]

Mary Middlefield is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and classically-trained violinist from Switzerland who has recently released her debut single “Band Aid” along with a video. The song and the video both comment on the idea of a relationship that could be over before it even begins and uses characters to examine this scenario.

She comments:

“I really wanted to write a song in which the lyrics could really transmit plenty of different scenes and images. I ended up creating a story in which two characters fall out of love before their love story actually begins. I loved the idea of using specific vocabulary that would make the story take place in a theater, where a show should have taken place but never did. I chose to lead with ‘Band Aid’ as a single because I think it’s very relatable. Relationships often break before they even begin and someone always gets hurt, especially if they put themselves out there from the start. The production incorporates everything I love: violins and cellos, folky guitars and smooth drums…

The video for ‘Band Aid’ is very similar to the song. I really wanted it to be set in a theatre where I’m the one putting on a show for a man, desperately trying to give him any character he could potentially want. But it ends up being all in vain as he gets bored and falls asleep during this pathetic show that he doesn’t enjoy. I’m a very openly vulnerable person and give people around me often big pieces of me from the very start. I feel that this video is very true to me and sincere.”

Photo credit to Valeria Shashenok
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