Set Sail To A Small Island With Cristóvam’s ‘Songs On A Wire’

[Cover photo credit to Timothy Lima] 

Cristóvam is a singer/songwriter from Portugal, born on the Azores islands. His grandfather was a radio pioneer who started the second oldest radio station on the Atlantic and left behind a massive record collection for Cristóvam to enjoy.

Blending the worlds of indie Folk and classic singer/songwriter fare Cristóvam has created new album Songs on a Wire, highlighting key moments from the last two years of his life.

He shares:

These were times where I dealt with a lot of different things, from the loneliness of the pandemic which was a bit intensified by the fact that I live in a small and remote island, to other happy things like getting married, getting signed or having my music going viral and reaching so many people and, on to of all that, this sort of big feeling that I was actually starting my life.

The single “Ferris Wheel” is out now and was inspired by delicate inter-personal relationships.

 Cristóvam continues about the track:

I feel like the subject of these lyrics is a fragile one. This is a song that speaks about loving someone with bipolar disorder, about the almost transparent and thin line that determines how far you can go in trying to help someone without ending up with a burden that wasn’t your own. We’ve all seen emotionally balanced people fall into the abyss of depression, because they tried too hard to save someone who in the end, didn’t want to be saved. This is a song about sometimes having to choose your own mental health and letting go of battles that aren’t your own.

Cristóvam won first prize in the “Unsigned Only” category for the International Songwriting Competition 2018 with a judging panel of Tom Waits, Keane, Bastille and Lorde, among many others. Cristóvam has also won two International Portuguese Music Awards (Pop Performance and Song of the Year).

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