Harry Katz & The Pistachios Are Definitely ‘Scared Of Romance’

[Cover photo credit to Lee Citron]

Eclectic Rock collective Harry Katz And The Pistachios have announced that they will release their next album, Scared Of Romance, on November 10th, 2022, with a release show the following day at The Goldfish in LA. The Goldfish show will also feature Tom Kenny (the voice of Spongebob) and The Hi Seas, The Dreamboats, and Aloud. Scared of Romance marks their first studio album release, having been preceded by a live album.

Scared of Romance will focus on Blues/Rock-themed tracks and will have a longer runtime than previous record Live at Harvard and Stone and for fans of their singles, it will come as welcome news that the album contains the tracks, “Oh Yes!”, and “No Sir”. as a rejoinder to relationship madness. Other singles from the album that have already been released are “Fish Wall” and “Rest of The World.”

For the up-to-ten piece band, writing and recording an album during the pandemic posed unique challenges and that led to Harry Katz often laying down demos.

He comments on the album’s themes:

‘Scared of Romance’ is about all the wrong turns you can make when looking for love and how to ‘right’ yourself in the end. It’s a story about how romance, love, and relationships sometimes aren’t all the same.

MooseCat Recording Producer Mike Post helped organically capture the band’s sound, “chosen because of his passion for the music,” according to Katz. Katz has also announced that the band will begin producing an EP, play Zebulon for 2023’s Mardi Gras, and are working on putting together a West Coast tour.

You can still check out our previous interview with Harry Katz about the band’s music right here on Wildfire Music + News.

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