The Paranoias Turn A Live Show Favorite Into Their New Single “Felicity 2”

The Paranoias have been performing a lot on the West Coast for a few years now, mixing Latin Ska fusion, R&B, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, Punk, and hints of Electronic, driving innovation to their scene. The usually perform live at the annual SkaWars Festival and also make appearances at ska concerts around the city, including the Levitt Pavilion at McArthur Park and even sharing the stage with Celso Piña at The Troubadour and Inspector at The Union.

Now one of their live show favorites has become their new single “Felicity 2”, and it arrives from My Grito Industries, alongside a video.

Singer Ralf Velazquez says of the single and video:

Felicity 2” has been in our Catalog for years now, but it never felt finished; whether it be the lyrics, melody or idea as a whole. I struggled a lot on whether it should be Spanish or english, i went with both. As days, months, years went by, the song kept building. We never thought we’d have horns on this, but it was the last piece of the puzzle we were trying to make.

As for the video, Jazmin Aguilar came to us pre pandemic and suggested we should make a video together. But it wasn’t for this song. I honestly cant remember what song i was thinking for a video at the time, but, pandemic happened and things got shut down. Earlier this year, i hit up Jazmin and sent her the song. She said “Lets Do it!”. We cant take any credit for the video, her and her team did everything we could ever hope for.

The new song is to be included on a forthcoming album due out next year from The Paranoias.

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